Sunday, July 18, 2010

From the Brain of Em

Emerson is my littlest guy.  He has a very good sense of humor and great comedic timing.  Lately he has been killing me with his view on life.  Here are just a few of his thoughts.

Em:  Mom, why do they call it Pirates of the Carrot Beans?  (Pirates of the Caribbean)  Is it because there are a bunch of carrots and beans fighting like pirates?

I've tried to explain it to him but he always hears it as Carrot Beans so I've given up trying.  Perhaps one too many Veggie Tales movies for that guy.

Me:  So Em, what did you learn at church today?

Em:  I don't remember but I'm sure it was something really good.
Em:  Just so you know, there is no way I'm eating that for dinner.

Me:  But you like spaghetti.

Em:  Not anymore.  I'm done with that.
Em:  Can yogurt count as my fruit?

Me:  No.  You need to eat a real piece of fruit.

Em:  But look, there is smashed up fruit in here-- that counts!

Me:  Trix yogurt does NOT count as fruit.

Em:  Awwww, come on Mom!

I thought you might enjoy a first had interview with the little man himself.

Me:  So Em, how do you like being featured in Mom's blog?

Em:  Ummm.... silly?
Me:  Do you think your mom is funny?

Em:  Yes.

Me:   Why?

Em:  Because she is asking me funny questions.

Me:  Do you think you are funny?

Em:  Yes.

Me:  Why?

Em:  Because I always toot in every body's faces.

And there it is.  It always comes back to gas for this guy.  Nice.


Kami said...

Haha! Too cute! He definitely has a place in comedy as he gets older because the comedic timing is perfect. Tooting is pretty funny, haha!
I just wrote about my kids talk too. Kids are so amazing. Your little boy though, he's a charmer that one :-D

Julaine said...

That is so funny! I had the biggest smile on my face and laughed during his interview answers! Boy, it must be interesting being his primary teacher!

JennRose said...

My nephew always called it "the pirates of the can of beans" so that's pretty close... At least they aren't "the pirates who don't do anything"! lol

Mandi said...

I'm so glad it always goes back to farting jokes somewhere else other than my house, too.

Jen said...

CUTE boy! Tooting -what is it with tooting and boys! Geesh- it's sooooo funny - but not that funny!

connie said...

I love kids!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

I'm done with spaghetti too! What's even funnier is the way he says stuff. You need to do a video. Seriously.

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