Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Guy

I know I keep putting off the blog this week but for good reason.  I took on a big challenge this past week. 

A really REALLY BIG challenge.
 His name is Flash and we have had a bit of a transition adding him into our family.  First off he is HUGE.  Secondly did I mention he is HUGE.  We have a 9 lb. Schnoodle puppy that doesn't shed and is hardly any work.  Flash is closer to 100 lbs. and he sheds like nobodies business.  He is a German Shepherd and yes, we did get him Furminated this weekend which has helped a ton.  My heart goes out to this guy.  He is amazing and super smart.  We rescued him from a bad situation.  He had been crated all day every day.  But you'd never know it because he is so good.

He is awesome but it's a bit of a change going from a tiny guy to a big guy.  The two dogs get along really well and big guy is super gentle to little guy.  The kids are obsessed with playing fetch with big guy and so there is never anyone around to help out when I need them.  I've called them in from outside about a gazillion times this week.  (and no I'm not exaggerating-- much)

In other news Em and I have been having a debate all week long.
Em came home from school talking about a new friend that he made.

Me:  That's great.  What's his name?

Em:  Horse Way

Me:  Umm... do you mean Jose?

Em:  No, Horse Way.

Me:  Could it be Jorge?
Em:  No Mom, it's Horse Way!!!

Every night at dinner he brings up his friend and the rest of the family tries to guess what this kids' name could really be.  It's become sort of a game for our meal time.  I'm going in to help out in Em's class Thursday and it's killing me to know what the kids' name really is.  Tonight I've realized that I'm going to feel really really stupid if the kids' name really is Horse Way.  But what are the chances?  Right?


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Flash is so cute. He looks a little like Scoobydoo...maybe because he's the size of a Great Dane. Horse Way? Oh my goodness that is really funny. Please tell me what his name is on Thursday. Please. Love you and your blog.


ladydazy said...

Flash is beautiful. I grew up with German Shepards. I have a German Shepard mix. She's mostly black with golden brown. They are quite the watch dogs. Luv them!

Anonymous said...

Horse Way? YIKES! If that is the name of the kid....that poor kid!

Horje....Jorge is the actual spelling :)

annie said...

The new dogs poop will be the size of your little dog!

ladydazy said...

My neice came home and told my sister that there's a new kid in her school named, Silly Man. My sister was that, "What? Are you sure?" Come to find out his name was Solomon. Silly girl!!

Tina said...

I never would have guessed you would go for a big dog, much less a HUGE dogs that sheds. Good luck!

and I'd put money on it that his friend is Jose. I helped out in Alden's class for my first time this week and even I had a hard time knowing if I was saying their names right. The kid would say it and I would repeat it back, yet I wasn't always quite sure of myself. Especially with the Hispanic names.

Mandi said...

Dude now I can't wait to find out what this kid's name is! Hilarious. I'll never forget when my oldest came home telling me all about "Jack A$$". We laughed and laughed every time he said it. Then I finally figured it out: there's two "Jack"'s. He is "Jack S."

Leca Unplugged said...

Jack S. totally tops mine. That one made me laugh out loud. Classic. I'll be telling that one at parties.

Karen said...

You're a brave woman with the new big dog! Please post when you find out the real name, too.

kristen said...

I am amazed at the progress you have made on the animal front, WOW!!! Mike talked about getting another dog today, I am not ready yet. At least you can go walking and seriously, no one will mess with you!!!

kristen said...

Oh, with the name. Joe's BF in Elkhorn was named Jesus (Hey-suess). He kept telling me the kids name was Jesus (Jee-sus), but he just said it funny.

connie said...

I love your new family member. He is beautiful. You are a good person to take on such a BIG challenge. I know the kids will love him. Kids like big dogs they can wrestle with. We all need to know the name of the new friend.

gina said...

Horse Way?? ahaha That is awesome!

I am here from your sister's blog - I am momma, hear me roar =)

Your blog is great - thanks for the honesty and good laughs - you have a new follower =)

gina said...

Horse Way?? ahaha That is awesome!

I am here from your sister's blog - I am momma, hear me roar =)

Your blog is great - thanks for the honesty and good laughs - you have a new follower =)

Juli said...

I LOVE german shephards!!!! We are on our second one! Best dogs ever!!!!!

groovyonetoo said...

Your blog just makes me happy. I'm surfing old posts to remind myself I'm not the only one with crazy kids. My daughter came home one day and said she had a new friend named 'Skate board'. I tried and tried and she remained firm. That girls name is Skate Board! Finally had parent/teacher conference, and it turns out her name was Skye Borg. I loved remembering that one. Thanks for sharing your story!

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