Monday, October 4, 2010


I got a shout out after THIS post about past memories to step it up and let it fly with flashback music.  So here goes...

I was obsessed with Milli Vanilli.  I had their tape and I played it all the time.  And yes, I am aware of the scandal and I just don't care.  They were good to me.

Remember when you had to rewind tapes and try to catch the song at the beginning?  Then we stepped it up with tape players that would rewind one song at a time.  Oh and how about making a good old fashioned mix tape?  Classic and frankly not the same anymore.  It's easy to slap together a few songs now days and send them to a friend.  But on tape you actually had to listen to each song and try to time it just right.  Ahh, the good old days.
How about some Paula Abdul.  I don't care what she did on AI-- she will always be the 80's music magic for me.  I loved her sweet moves.
My Dad bought us all tickets to a Richard Marx concert because my sisters and I just loved his music.  So we went-- the whole family to our first concert.  We bought t-shirts and sang along-- it was awesome.  My sisters even got the sheet music so we could play his music for ourselves.

Vanilla Ice was of course a one hit wonder but totally classic.  I loved his dance moves and what can I say-- his rap just spoke to me.  Cheesy and totally cliche-- but you can't get past the fact that we all liked it.

I'm not sure why I remember this but I do.  I can't remember if it was just a show or a real group but I remember the music.  Help me out here.  It's burned in my brain for life!  Who else is with me?

If I go a little older and venture into my high school years it's safe to say that my friends were obsessed with Pearl Jam.  I had all of their CDs but they were stolen from my car in college.  It's probably a good thing I don't have them anymore.  But if you want to take me back to high school this is the band that takes me there instantly.

How about you?  Any good ones I forgot to add?


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

How about a little Boyz 2 Men? I remember playing that in your room and dancing to it. Yeah, we were cool.

JennRose said...

I used to LOVE Jem. IT was a tv show about a girl who was a rockstar...kind of an early days Hannah Montana... I dyed my hair pink for halloween in grade 2 so I could be Jem. *sigh*
My childhood music memories included Ace of Base, Salt an Pepa, Tiffany!

Mandi said...

Girl you know it's true!

I still love me some Milli Vanilli. I don't care about the scandal either. doesn't make the songs not good.

And I love Jem. I LOVE JEM. I still have that opener memorized. Seriously. It was fun to watch it though (my mom still has my Jem dolls somewhere packed away).

Simply Mommy said...

OMG...I listened to all of the above! lol and I loved Jem!!! you definitely can't forget Tiffany...I played her tapes over and over..My high school days was more TuPac, Bone thugs and Harmony, and Coolio...Gotta agree with I am momma too with the Boyz 2 Men...They were the very first concert I ever went too...Love the blasts from the past! :0)

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Mixed tapes! Ahhh! Such a labor of love. I remember giving one to my boyfriend before he moved to Florida, and it was so sad. Then he moved back a year later and I wondered why I wasted my time on him, and a mix tape! Hehehehe, oh the memories. And I loved Vanilla Ice. My husband even bought me his CD when we were dating, and we'd always say "no no no it's ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, not ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!" Classic!

Tina said...

I had a JEM doll! And don't forget Janet Jackson! My first concert ever was her Rhythm Nation. Was it Chris Cross that did "Jump, Jump"? As for Vanilla Ice, one of my first boyfriends' looked remotely like him and had the shaved eyebrow. And Pearl Jam? I am impressed! I still love them!

Susanne ~ Mike ~ Easton said...

Had every one of these as well, if I'm honest I'll admit that all those tunes/groups are on my ipod ;)!! Don't forget a little Shai and PM Dawn...loving the flashback!!!

Karen said...

Also Debbie Gibson. My sister even had the Electric Youth perfume.

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