Saturday, October 16, 2010

Minivan Mysteries

Today was our SUPER cleaning day.

We cleaned the house top to bottom and then we moved out to the garage to keep our momentum going.  We tried to tackle the cars and decided to start with my beast first.

Now that we have Flash, I've got a whole lot of dog hair hanging out in the car.  Not to mention the nose smears on the windows.  That was my main concern when I started cleaning and then my focus started changing when I began exploring the back seat. 


1.  One moldy piece of cheese in a ziploc
2.  One half eaten gogurt
3.  half of a super hero
4.  DS pen
5.  2673 empty water bottles
6.  candy wrappers
7.  Legos
8.  Gum  (already chewed)
9.  Pencils

I'll have you know that every time we get out of the car I tell my kids to grab their wrappers and bring them in.  I have now confirmed that pretty much no one listens to me.  Check.

I pick up everything I can see which means that the front seat is always spotless.  The third row however, is an entirely different story.  It's the black hole of the minivan.

The good news is I finally confirmed that there was actual poop to go along with the mysterious poop smell coming from the back seat. 

(insert serious sarcastic tone and continue)

No, no one had poop on their shoes.  And NO, no one smeared it on the back of the seat.  It magically flew and landed in our car all by itself.  It's so weird that our car always attracts that magical mysterious junk that just appears in our back seat.

Cause we all know that this clan sure didn't do it.  No WAY!


Margene said...

Super cleaning days are great when you don't have to do it all by yourself. Glad you have a clean mini van and nobody left any of the above items. I wonder who leaves those things in my car, (ME)?????

Mandi said...

Are you sure you weren't cleaning out my van? Like the time I put my seats down at Lowe's and slid some lumber and stuff in, and there was a hard piece of pizza on the floor surrounded by fries?

I now take the opportunity to hit the car wash which has amazing hardcore vacuums. Even sucks up crayons.

Becky Johnson said...

Hi there!
I follow your blog religiously, and I must say, it CRACKS ME UP! Every time. This post really made me laugh out loud, and I had to let you know.

Have a fantastic weekend (what's left of it!)

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Oh my. I guess that's something I'll have to think about when we upgrade to a car/van with a third row. Nasty. The mystery row. At least there wasn't anything living back there.

Cassie said...

I to have to admit that our 3rd row has mystery stuff in it a lot too! The biggest culprit is Chris but Cam and Coop LOVE going back their with their little "treasures" and putting them in the side compartments!!! AAAHHH!!!

brookie said...

I'm glad that my third row isn't the only trash hole! And at least the moldy cheese was in a bag right?

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