Monday, October 11, 2010

brain barf

OK, so I know I've neglected you a little in the last few days.  Sorry.  I've taken on a task that turned out to be bigger than I anticipated.  I should be finished by the end of the week and then we are back to business as usual.

Any who-- I've had quite a few things on my mind.  So, it's time for a brain barf...

1.  I absolutely HATE spending money on Halloween costumes.  There-- I said it.  I'm that cheap mom that tries to dress her kids up in whatever is lying around the house.  I refuse to pay $30 for some super thin flimsy costume that will fall apart after 2 wearings.  Geeesh-- give me a break!!!

2.  I have cleaned up enough dog hair to knit 25 sweaters!  Seriously, what do you do with all of it?  I'm thinking of filling a comforter or some pillows or something.  It's EVERYWHERE!

3.  Brownies were created just for me.  Nothing soothes my soul quite like a nice chewy frosted brownie.

(Brief intermission while I go eat one.......)

OK-- I'm back.

4.  Do kids have to grow up all at once?  Can't they just give us a little time to adjust?  One day they are asking for you to cut up their food and the next day they want to wear dangley earrings.  Could they just slow down a little bit?

5.  Teevo is the best invention since toilet paper.  Isn't that sad?  I feel like both are of equal importance in my life.  I can't make it without either.  Period.  I vow to never watch live TV again.

6.  My kids go through scotch tape like water.  They are always taping something to the wall or fixing something with it.  Last night I took my socks off and there were several globs stuck to the bottoms.  They offer to improve everything with tape.  They tape stuff to their stuffed animals, the dogs, each other-- they really aren't picky.  They will put it anywhere.

7.  I have a secret love of purses.  I can't have too many.  I like to switch out my purses every couple of weeks.  I have a rotation of about 4 at a time.  When one wears out I get another one.  Oooooh, there is nothing like a good purse.  If I see one I really want, I'll wait it out until it goes on sale.  It's worth it.

8.  Grocery shopping, laundry and dishes-- they are never done.  They always need to be done again and again and again and again.  I give up already!  I need a robot to do it for me.  Just keep a constant stream of laundry dishes and groceries coming because we all know it will never end.


Mandi said...

Amen on #6 and #8.


JennRose said...

I've been following the Dollar Store Craft blog and she has been featuring costumes...I thought you might appreciate some of these, as they are cheap and fun to make!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Yeah, the costumes are ridiculously over priced, not to mention the ones for girls seem to be missing half of the bottom, and sometimes the top. Gosh, I could just let my child wear the outfit they came home from the hospital in and they'd have more covering themselves!
Brownies are awesome!
Oh, and I need to show my husband this post. I have 5 purses, I've had a few of them since before we got married (so over 6 yrs) and he complains that I have to many!

Cassie said...

I agree with ALL of them!!! You are right on once again!

Margene said...

You sound like a mom with little kids. Some day they will be gone and you will miss them and everything else. Just hang in there. It will all get better.

brookie said...

In regards to #7...have you heard of the MICHE bag? I've just been introduced to them recently and even though I am not really a purse person, I'm definitely tempted!...Check this out... I love the Jayma, Brandi and the soft wallet is lovely. These bags make it so you can change your bag with out actually having to transfer all your stuff. So fun!

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