Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Horror

So I'm home alone the other night and I have most of the lights off and the kids are asleep in bed.  The dogs are sprawled out on the floor drooling and all of the sudden the big guy starts barking.  I nearly pee my pants because I'm still not used to having such a big bark around the house.

I sense no immediate danger so I keep blogging.  Big guy goes out the back door for a security check around the yard.  I think, "Whatever.  No one will even think of sticking around if they see big guy."

Then the door bell rings and it's pitch black outside our house.  I jump about 10 feet.  I muster up the courage to go to the door.  I turn on the outside lights and see a skull with a candle lodged in its head but no one is there.  FREAKY!  SUPER WAY TOTALLY FREAKY!

As a side note there are two things you should know about me.

1.  I HATE to be scared!
2.  I HATE to be scared!

With that in mind, I see the skull and immediately start to slam the door.  Just as the door is closing I notice a note wrapped around the candle with a bow.  Now, skulls and candles are scary but whoever thought to tie a bow with grosgrain ribbon is probably not.  So I open the door and carefully grab the skull.  (You know the kind of grab you do when you are sure the object is toxic.  I've got like two fingers barely touching the thing-- nasty.)

It turns out it is an invite to a Halloween party at our friends house.  Thanks for the creepy invite guys!  I am officially creeped out.  You scared the crap out of me.  I'm a total Hallo-weenie.

Now, the best part about this is we are required to dress up as a famous couple.  That's where you come in.  Who should we be?  I need some goooood ideas.


Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Hubby and I went as Thing One and Thing Two one year. Red sweatshirts with logos and blue wigs!

Mandi said...

Kay yeah-- that would scare the pants off me. 'Specially 'cause the hubs is out of town a ton.

Kay I'm sooo thinking on the couple halloween costume. . .gonna come up with something good here. . .

connie said...

I love the story and the invite. I have no idea for you but you will come up with something great. Just let us all see these great costumes.

Chelley said...

Fred & Wilma Flintstone?

juli said...

TRying to thing of you two....superman and wonder woman?......toliet and toliet paper?....adam and eve?....bacon and eggs? or if you feel really crazy how bout this? http://www.everythingfabiolus.com/fudge/photos-what-the-fudge/birth-giving-costume/

The Snow Queen said...

Bill and MOnica. You need a blue dress suit with a stain on it and Tim needs a suit. OR

John and Jackie Kennedy. Tim could do some nasty wound on the side of his head and you need a channel like suit with blood splattered on it.

Mr and Mrs Incredible.
Sylvester Stallone and Bridgette Bordeaux (Isn't she the blonde with spiky hair he was married to?)Tim could wear a muscle suit and a wig and you could spike your hair and wear her style makeup.
or Osama Bin Laden and his covered up wife in a sari

Bella and Edward -body glitter(tim) wigs and t-shirts that say I♥Edward and I♥Bella. If you have a single friend you could make him be Jacob...Contacts would be cool too.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

That is so funny. It would probably freak me out too.

I liked the suggestion above of eggs and bacon. I can't think of anything more suitable for Tim. Please, please be that!

Margene said...

no ideas yet. i'll keep thinking. I was look at a costume addd today but no good ideas. I think I would freak out too i think the big guy would have been in one of my hands, and the other would have grabbed the skull.

brookie said...

So check this link out. I love the bonnie and clyde idea but I also think the me and my shadow is funny. I hate to be scared too but I love Halloween and I love the invitation idea. Have fun!

brookie said...

oops...here's the link

kristen said...

You should go as the swanky couple from the toyota van commercial.

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