Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Love Boat

About a month ago I bought tickets to a tour boat on a local lake.  I have been ridiculously excited about it because I meant that the mister and I would actually have a date that did not consist of dinner and a movie. 

The night in question arrived and I got all dressed up for my hot hot date.  (A girl's gotta look good for her Mister you know.)  We headed down to the lake and immediately realized our mistake.  I had booked us for the cocktail cruise and we don't drink.  We boarded the boat and before we even pushed away from the pier many of our fellow cruisers were already on their second and third rounds.  I knew it was going to be a long night.

They had a small table of chex mix, cheese and crackers.  Since everyone else was pretty much plowed the mister didn't think anyone would notice him mounding several plates worth of goodies to make our night worth something.  It was slightly embarrassing-- but so worth it.

Then the booze music started at full blast and we were barely able to talk to each other.  The love boat turned into the cruise from hell very quickly.  About a half hour into the tour the mister and I were huddled over Stella (my iPhone) playing games and down loading apps.  (Yet another reason that I am in love with Stella.)

We debated jumping ship and swimming for shore but we stuck it out anyway.  Ugh!  We totally should have done it.  We would have looked like super spies being chased by the enemy.  Or perhaps we would have just looked like chubby middle aged floaters who had had enough. 

I'm thinking after that-- dinner and movie sound just fine with me.


Mandi said...

Holy crap it was that bad? Like not even fun enough to watch people drunk making A's of themselves? Dude, that sucks. Refund!

Macey said...

That is hilarious!! I'm not sure what you're complaining about. That's sounds just like one of my family reunions. Only difference is there is usually fire and not water involved at my reunions.

Cassie said...

HILARIOUS once again!!! I LOVE reading your blog it always gives me a much needed laugh! I can't help but love you and it to death! Thanks Lec

The Snow Queen said...


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Nice! I hope you ate a TON of cheese and crackers. You are so funny.

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