Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mister

Meet the Mister.

Man of mystery, super spy, tre chic, and cheesy Dad extraordinaire.

The Mister and I had some fun together trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for him.  We went to Target and hung out in the glasses section trying anything and everything on.  It was a hoot.  After narrowing it down a bit we thought we needed another opinion so we started asking around.  Some random lady told us just what she thought.  I asked her if they looked a bit too girly.  She assured the Mister that they didn't.  But she thought they would look much better when the tag was removed because it proved to be a bit distracting.  Point taken.  Glasses purchased.

We were going for the Michael Weston look.  (You know, Burn Notice on USA... come on, you don't watch Burn Notice?  Well, you really should.  It's a sweet awesome spy show with lots of fun action.  We're hooked.  You should look into it.  Really.)

What do you think?  Are they a keeper?


Mandi said...

Ooh nice glasses! So I guess I'll be checking out "Burn Notice", then. Thanks for the heads up.

annie said...

quite manly!

Margene said...

what a goodlooking man. Glasses or no glasses he is still good lookingl

Gina said...

I am more of a Bruce Campbell fan, but Jeff Donovan is pretty awesome too! We've been hooked since season one.

Now we watch White Collar too. EXCELLENT!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Okay, you're going to think I'm joking and I'm not. I HAVE those sunglasses. They were from the men's section, but they worked with my large noggin. Jeff won't borrow them because he thinks they look girly. Hee,hee,hee! Tell Tim I think he can rock 'em though.

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