Thursday, September 23, 2010

Addiction-- it could happen to you

My name is Leca and I am addicted to cherry infused soft drinks. 

It started off very innocently.  I had a really rough day and I needed a kiddie cocktail to calm my severed nerves.  But one just wasn't enough.  I had started a little fire inside me that could not be put out.  At first it was just kiddie cocktails at home.  Then I started ordering them at restaurants.  From there I moved to harder things like Dr.Pepper and Cherry Coke.

Don't judge-- OK.  I'm pouring my heart out here.

Anyway, I thought I could quit any time but it turns out that it's harder to do than it sounds.  Help!  Me and my cherry soft drinks are hiding out here in the closet typing away.  I can't stop!  I think about them everyday!  I've started buying Grenadine by the case loads.  I have them hidden all over the house.  Is that so wrong?  At least I can assure you that I never do it with the kids around.  That is a total disaster because they actually expect me to share with them-- uh, no.  That's just crossing the line.

What can a girl do?


annie said...

I have always enjoyed a great Shirley Temple myself!

Mandi said...

I just might be known to stop at happy hour at Sonic for a cherry limeade from time to time.

kristen said...

That is why I love Sonic!!! My "Once a month" trip to Walmart (I do go more often, but try to get it done in one trip) always includes a stop at Sonic. This Walmart is 20 minutes further than the one that is 5 minutes from my house, but the Sonic is there too. I love the cherry limeade.

*Abby* said...

my fridge is always stocked with a bottle too! My other love is lime infused drinks. I bought lime syrup and it goes great in everything!

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Ok, in my reader, there was a farting post and now it is gone! I wanted to comment and say that I haven't laughed so hard in the longest time. That is the funniest blog post I have ever read I think. Then I had to laugh all over again at the nasty nails start. Oh, thank you, I so needed that. (Meanwhile my 8 yr old daughter is looking sideways at me wondering what the heck these noises are that I am know the silent, crying laugh right??). BTW, I came over from Cheri.

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