Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Saga Continued...

The last time we talked, I was in the middle of my Rugby pumpkin crisis.

Just so we are clear, it's usually the Mom that ends up devastated, not the kid.

Case in point.  Rugby's teacher "forgot" who she assigned what to.  Which meant that Rugs got a free pass for bringing in bread instead of cookies.  The down side was, there was way too much bread.  His teacher sent his back home.  He forgot to take it out of his backpack for a few days and it is now two squished flat stale pumpkin bread wads stuck to the bottom of his back pack.

I reported to my son that I paid $7 per loaf for his stinkin' class.  He informed me that I was a ripped off.'re tellin' me, kid.

So coming full circle, some how I ended up with the short end of the stick both times.

Stupid Pumpkin Bread!  I hate you!

1 comment:

Lyndsay said...

I agree with Rugby, you did get ripped off. =)

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