Saturday, October 8, 2011

Age-- it's just a number, right?

I don't recall being obsessed with age as a child.

I do remember thinking that the 20's were cool and anything past 30 was old.  But I don't remember worrying that my parents were going to die of old age.

My kids-- not so much.

The other day I heard Rugby telling the other kids, "Mom is probably going to die when she is 30 because that's like practically dead."

In defense of my youthful self I told him, "Um, honey, I'm already 33 and I'm not dead.  I guess I cheated death by 3 whole years."

He looked at me like I had minutes left to live.  I assured him that I would be fine and that 30 wasn't actually that old.

He also feels that my grandmother should be in the record books or something.  When he tells people about her he always leads with, "...she is 89 and she's not even dead yet!!"

Yeah, he's a real ladies man.  He knows just what to say.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

So I made the mistake of asking my scouts to guess my age to see who could take a turn in the game. . .

man, it hurt my feelings. Apparently I look over a decade older than I am.

Mike said...

Dani and I were talking about me being 38 and she said, "wait a minute, you're 38?" "Yes, yes I am" I said. "Ewww, my social studies teacher is 39, you're almost as old as he is. That is WEIRD." Oh well, I guess I am as old as her cute social studies teacher. I'm okay with that. I am looking forward to my 40's.

Mike said...

Hey, that comment came up as Mike, it's knelson422, not Mike. Sorry.

Margene said...

I must be dead. Some days I even feel like it.

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