Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Target Card

I was at Target today.  (no surprise there...)

The last several times I've visited Target they've been trying to talk me into getting the Target debit card.  I've hesitated because the mister has a strict policy about store credit cards-- I shouldn't have them.  Simple and easy to understand really.

So I decided to take my chances with the mister and just get the dang card.  It really was all about the 5% off.  I can't say no to a sale.  The cashier is having some trouble and explains that she can't sign me up for the card today.  It seems that the computers crashed at Target today and so I wasn't able to get my good deal.

The cashier seemed genuinely upset so I wanted to console her.

I said, "Don't worry, I'm not a stranger to this store.  I'll be back to get the card."

She looked at me with genuine sincerity and replied, "Oh, I know dear.  I see you here all the time."

(blink, blink)

So, my sweet sweet love for Target is apparent to not only the mister, but to random workers too.


I can quit any time-- I swear.


Lyndsay said...

That's like the story I was telling you about my mom and the Chinese restaurant.


I'm pretty sure people recognize me when I walk into stores, too, but it's probably an "oh no, here comes the lady with the crazy kids" reason. =)

Jodi said...

It hasn't taken you long to become a distinguished member of your new Target community. Nice work!! =)

Christina said...

haha too funny

Hello, my name is Christina, and I am also addicted to Target.

Cassie said...

HILARIOUS!!!! I would be lying if I didn't admit my serious addiction too....I think it runs in the family! :)

Petula said...

ROFL! That's all I can see. Too funny...

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