Monday, September 19, 2011


I was helping my kids change their sheets on Saturday and found a little surprise.

I confronted the kid and asked what had happened.

The response was priceless.

"My stuffed animals came alive and peed my bed.  I swear it wasn't me!"

Umm... OK.  I let it past based on pure creativity.

Stuffed animals-- really?  Creepy.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

My nieces did that at my MIL's house once. It wasn't discovered for a few weeks. She was going into the bedroom and she keeps smelling something foul (she keeps her house immaculate, she has no kids at home, so it's a feasible thing for her, except when the grand kids are over) When she finally figured it out, she realized there was only one suspect, and the suspect has vehemently denied it.

kristen said...

Did they just get done watching Toy Story?

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