Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sally's Beauty Supply

I've recently become obsessed with Sally's Beauty Supply.

I love messing with my hair and doing spa-ish things, so it's perfect for me.

Here are a few products I think you'd like.

This is called Gelous.  It's a gel top coat that doesn't need a light to cure.  It gives you the advantage of sealing in any color you have with the longevity of gel nails.  The only down side is the dry time.  It takes a little longer than regular polish but, well worth your wait.

This is called Heel Tastic.  It's like chap stick for your feet.  After a summers worth of flip flops, my heels are pretty dry.  I've used this nightly, along with a pumice stone scrub in the shower every few days.  My heels are looking better than ever.

This polish brand is called China Glaze.  They make quite a few different kinds of polish.  They have matte shades that have no shine, crackle that goes over a color to make it look cracked, and lots of glittery ones.  They cover well and they have some seriously funky shades.

This is fusion hair glue remover.  If you have feathers or extensions this works pretty well and you don't need too much of it at all. 

This is my favorite product of the summer.  This is a top coat for nails called Out the Door.  It makes your color last about a week and it helps your nails dry almost instantly.  It's awesome.  I'd highly recommend it if you have impatient little girls who like to have their nails polished.

Head on out to Sally's and be prepared to gawk for a while.  They have everything a girl could ever want.  Enjoy!


Lyndsay said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely going to try the Out The Door. It will make my life so much better. =)

LINDSEY said...

Oh those are great tips, I want to try Heel Tastic for sure!

Julie said...

I rarely go to Sally. But you've changed my mind. My lil girl just turned 3 yesterday and is starting to ask for polish. So I'm going to try your "out the door" tip. Also the heel stuff. I'm all over that! Mine are terrible.

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