Monday, September 12, 2011

10 things I've hidden from you

We all have dirty little secrets. 

It's a fact.

Stop denying it.  We both know it's true.

Wanna know some of mine?

Sure you do.  It's always easier going through someone else's issues-- isn't it?

1.  When company comes over.  I shove things in random places and hope that no one tries to open any cupboards.  The other day I shoved my butter plate away and turned on the indirect lighting.... let your mind wonder.  Yep, melted nasty butter all over my cupboard innards.  Could have done without that.

2.  I hardly (never) clean my blinds.  I can't get the dust to come off.  So I officially give up.

3.  I hide stuff in my fridge.  If it's something I know I should eat but really don't want to, it goes to the back.  I leave it there until the expiration date is bad and then I'm forced to throw it out.  I think, "Darn, I have to throw you out because the label says so-- but I totally would have eaten you..."  It makes me and the food feel better when we part ways.

4.  The mister and I have a silent war going.  If I find something around the house that I don't want to find a place for, I chuck it in the storage room.  The storage room is officially the mister's area.  That means that when it's all exploded and messy, it's automatically his fault.  Perfect.

5.  I always look at my Q-tips and wonder how that much crap can come out of a person's ears.  It makes me happy when I have a double Q-tip day. 

6.  Picking zits is fun.  It just is.

7.  I like walking around the house in my underwear.  Now that we live in a neighborhood, that's becoming more of a challenge.  If you are my neighbor and you've seen too much-- sorry about that.  But not too sorry because it's probably not going to stop.

8.  I avoid the back seats of our van.  When I clean out the car I freak out and call the mister in to look at the monstrosity that is our van.  But on a daily basis, I pretend that I don't know that there are science experiments growing in the back seat.

9.  I throw away my bread heals.  It drives my dad insane.  But I don't like the heal and you can't make me eat it.

10.  I have four garbage cans.  I throw stuff away.  I'm not sure what the rest of you are doing or where your trash is going.  The people with one can-- how is that even possible?  Yet it is, because I'm the only one in the entire neighborhood with four cans.  I'm sure people call us the "four can" house. 

Well, now that I have that off my chest...

How about you?

What's your dirty little secret?


Kris @ said...

I totally do 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9!!! i am about to do 1 today as i prepare for my moms club to come over on wednesday :)

my other dirty secret is i hide chocolate on the scary baking shelf in the pantry. it is so messy my hubby will never touch anything on that shelf for fear everything will come tumbling down. so more secret chocolate for me :)

welcome back!! i missed you :)

Chelley said...

We could totally be best friends! (You helped me find jeans that fit last year!)

I hide everything in my laundry room and my kids' closets when friends come over. If I don't know you're coming, you just have to accept my mess.

#6 -- Definitely. Lord, help my kids when they are teens. :)

#7 -- Absolutely. When I walk in the door, my pants and shoes come off. Ha! Good thing my hubby doesn't mind.

We have just one very large outdoor garbage can. It makes my hubby very happy when I fill it up.

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

I need 4 cans. I gave up one of mine to be a cheap-o, and I NEED IT SO BAD.

Garbage day is Friday. Garbage is already full.

JennRose said...

Thanks for the honesty.
I feel like you are more human now and I LOVE IT!
I grew up with a mother who hid things in the oven, but we lost a lot of good (if semi-dirty) dished that way (plastic does NOT do well in the oven!)
I HATE cleaning blonds, so I don't do it either. That and the blades of my ceiling fans!
Bread heals are evil. Just saying.

Love the confessions!

Back Hall Collaborators

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

The heels of bread! YUCK! I'm not the biggest fan of crust, and now being pregnant, I use that as my excuse not to eat the crust at all, though, to be fair, if I eat it I do get sick.
I'm a 1 can family. We used to be a 1 can and lots of extra bags family, but they changed the rules on recycling out here, and now we ALWAYS have our recyclables overflowing, it's SO easy! No organizing, just throw them in. Plus, since I stay at home with 2.5 kids, and my husband is a student, we have $0, so we have lots of reusable things, like we have flannel cloth wipes to replace paper towels, and we use cloth diapers. And we make our own laundry soap, so we don't have to throw out those big containers (though, they would be very easily recycled). So, that's how we've stayed a 1 can family.
And underpants! Ahh, my husband says I look like a bag lady and it drives him crazy, but I love it so much! He's always teasing me when we walk in the door "Off go the pants!" I'd apologize to my neighbors, but they shouldn't be looking in anyway!

Jodi said...

Welcome back. Confession-- I have missed the lol I get when reading your blog. =)

The Snow Queen said...

I keep a change of clothes in my car for when I pee in my pants because I sneezed too hard. It's a sad day when I gotta pack a diaper bag for MYSELF!

Lyndsay said...

I'm SO HAPPY you're blogging again. It has totally made my day. I'm just sitting here grinning from ear to ear. You always make me laugh and that makes me happy. =)

Okay, I can totally and completely relate to you on #1, 2, 5, 6, and 8.
Not so much on #7, but that's okay. I won't judge. ;)

Justin, Amy, and Grace said...

Our family has 3 garbage cans and I have half as many kids as you. We also have garbage pick-up twice a week. I like to throw stuff away. Usually if I can't find a place for it it gets trashed. If it was really important, it would have a place to go.

Brenda said...

I too, have totally given up on the blinds and I'm sure my poor neighbor has seen too much...

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

You and me on number seven, woo! I just can't be bothered to put the blinds down - I'm supposed to clean those? - all the time. I'm sure at least one neighbor has gotten a free show. Oh, well!

Niki said...

I live alone and i hate doing dishes, so i have gone up to 2 months without washing them.
I was having friends over so i took the pile of dirty dishes and shoved them in a cupboard.

kristen said...

I am with you on the Zit popping. Why do we love that? One of my kids prayed that her zit would go away so I would stop picking at her chin. I have an issue. Should have been a dermatologist.

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