Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am old. At least I thought I was until I looked in the mirror and saw the skin of a 13 year old. It's true! The older I get the weirder my skin is getting. I have zits that I never had in high school. My forehead could end the war over oil and supply nations. But my hands are cracked and dry from cold weather and excess hand washing. Don't even get me started about my feet!

When does it end?

If my body could coordinate with itself and take oil from places and put it in others, that would be nice. But then again my body and I have been at war since I started having kids. It's an evil trick of age and experience.

Any suggestions?


jae said...

I am excited you are doing book reviews but I don't want to read a book if it makes me cry. Especially if the characters are well developed. I mourn them for months.

jae said...

(Obviously not figuring this comment thing out very well.)

With your fancy hair decorations, people will not focus on your skin. I was mesmorized by your peacock feather.

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