Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review

I love to read. It takes me to a secret place that I cannot be disturbed. I feel like an invisible witness to a world I would otherwise never be part of. I enjoy learning about so many things from the safety of my living room. Me and books, we are best friends. So many times I read things and wish that I had someone to share them with. I already try to push my books on my husband, but he is very particular in what interests him. So that leaves me you...

I have the perfect way to pick a really good book. I go to Target and I look through their best sellers shelves. If the book is on an end-cap, it's usually a really good read. If it's in the "made into a movie" section-- you hit the jack-pot. I figure if it was captivating enough to be made into a movie, it's going to be a whopper of a book. Never, never under any circumstances, see the movie first. The book is always ALWAYS better. But I'm usually tempted to see my favorite books on the big screen (only after I've read them). Although I must warn you. Don't go to the movies expecting anything less than seeing your beloved book being slashed and cut to fit into a two hour time slot. Sorry, it's the rules.

Anyway, I recently finished reading (well, a lot of books actually... I average 1-2 a week) "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger.I have discovered that I love books that immerse you into a world of absolute fiction and make you feel as though it's completely true. When I open these kinds of books, the rules and guidelines are laid out for the basic story and then it explodes into a world that takes your breath away. The concept of "The Time Traveler's Wife" could never really happen in real life. Yet I found myself crying and cheering for something that had never occurred to me before discovering this book. If you would like to get lost in a world where your problems will melt away into the back ground-- this is your book. It takes off at a brisk pace and keeps your mind swirling until the very end. I was entranced with the author's language. Audrey Niffenegger has become on of my new favorites. She made the book come alive with her unorthodox writing style. It's as if you have entered the character's souls. I hope you enjoy this mystical story.
After finishing "The Time Traveler's Wife" I was eager to find anything else that Audrey Niffenegger had to offer. It just so happened that her latest book was being released shortly after I finished her last book. "Her Fearful Symmetry" was an intoxicating spell. I could not put it down. It did not lull and satisfy my like a classic romance would. I disturbed me to my very core. I found myself thinking through every angle of this book trying to make sense for the characters. I hoped it would go in one direction and then she would push you in another. I did not know what was coming next. She turned me inside out with this chilling tale. It is quite worth your time. But I'm warning you, it will occupy your mind for days to come.

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