Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laundry Pains

I have recently discovered this little gem that has made my life cake. I totally and completely hate doing laundry. I go through 2-4 loads a day with a large capacity washer. I know, it's obscene. If there is anything that could make this chore less daunting-- I've found it. This is a sheet that you just throw in with your clothes. No measuring, no big heavy bottles and no thinking. You just throw it in and walk away. It's man and kid proof. You can not do this wrong. It even works for an H.E. machine. When you switch your clothes to the dryer, the sheet stays with everything and acts as a static guard too. Yippeee! Thank you Purex for hearing my silent cries for help. I love you!
As if that wasn't enough, I also found this at the store yesterday. It's a dryer bar that sticks to the inside of your dryer for two months. You never have to remember those pesky dryer sheets again. You won't find your dryer sheet under the bed, in drawers, up sleeves and creeping out of your jeans again. Genius! What's better-- it's only $5! Enjoy!


Margene said...

sounds like something that i could use. I guess i need to spend a little more time looking at the laundry soap instead of the cookies next time I go to the store.

Jodi said...

Tried the Purex-- it's great. Can't wait to try to Bounce. Thx.

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