Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Front Room Masterpiece

If you are wondering why you haven't heard from me this week- well, I've been busy.  OK?

The mister left for a business trip for the week and I got to thinking...
 My front room is boring-- dull, snooze fest, lack luster, lame... you get the picture.  It took a little courage and a lot of paint and now it looks like this...
 So.... what do ya think?
 Better from this angle?
(Full disclosure!)  I wasn't in love with it immediately but it defiantly brought a little life into the front room.  Which means, I couldn't stop there.  I found a few other things that needed life around the house.
 I attacked this tree and added some lemons for color.
These door hooks were plain cream-- BO-ring!  I spiced them up.  Now I find myself just staring around the house at what I could attack next.  I'm plotting my next adventure in the kids rooms.  Oh yeah!

I just love a good project.


Lyndsay said...

Very nice! I need you to come attack my entire house. Pretty please???

Margene said...

So that is what you have been up to. Nice

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