Thursday, August 19, 2010

HP and HB

I know I've been away for a while but I was having some computer troubles.  My computer crashed and my hard drive was in a delicate state.  All is well now-- so I'm back.

I've been dreaming of THIS since my computer betrayed me. 

It's the HP 600 Touchsmart.  It's so sweet.  It's a desk top all in one (without a tower) a 23" screen, smokin' apps, wireless keyboard and mouse and it's all touch activated!  She is beautiful.

The rest of my week was all about my baby.

He went from this... this in a matter of seconds. 
I was forced to acknowledge the fact that he is growing up.  He is officially 6! SIX YEARS OLD!  And that is a pinch too old in my book. 

He got his birthday letter in the mail from his Grandma G this week.  He was so excited he ripped it open.  He was sure she sent him money and he couldn't wait to get his little paws all over it.  As he opened the letter a check fluttered to the floor.  He was crushed. 

Em:  She didn't even give me money.  All I got was this stupid piece of paper!

Z:  No-- that's money Em!  You got a check!

Life was beginning to look up for the little man.

Z:  Holy Cow!  She gave you $35,000 dollars!  You're rich!

Em:  No way!  Awesome!

I grabbed the check and took a look.  It said $35.00.

Me:  Hey guys, that's 35 dollars not 35,000 dollars.

Z:  No way mom, look at all those zeros.  Em, it's just like on Wipeout (TV show they have become obsessed with.).  You won!  What are you going to buy?

Em:  I'm going to buy a remote control helicopter and one of those big Lego sets that Mom will never buy us because they are so expensive.  Then I'm going to buy...

Z:  How about a trip to Disney.  You could pay for all of us to get in.

Em:  I'll think about it.  Maybe I'll buy a yellow car too...

Me:  Guys, seriously it isn't that much money.  You have enough to get a cool toy at the store and that's about it.

Em:  No Mom, look at this check!

After a few rounds, I gave up.  I let them keep dreaming all the way to the bank.  I cashed the check and handed them the envelope of cash.  They ripped it open to count up their new fortune only to find out that I was right.  (That was one time I wished I was wrong-- a couple a zeros wrong.)

Z:  Mom, it's thirty five dollars.

Me:  I know.

The shrinking of the zeros didn't squash their excitement much.  They started reconfiguring their plans according to the new amount all the way to the store.  Ah, the joys of sweet sweet birthday moolah.  Thanks Grandma G.  You made their day. 


Margene said...

I wish it had been $35,000.00 dollars but I don't have that much in my checking account. What was the cool toy that he got instead of a yellow car and etc.

The Snow Queen said...

I think you should have another one.

Mandi said...

Go gramma! $35? My kids get 5. That amount rocks!

Anonymous said...



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