Monday, August 23, 2010

Carmel Corn Heaven

I have the world's best caramel corn recipe acquired from my Aunt a few years back.  I have a serious caramel addiction and this stuff is like caramel crack to me.  I'm not kiddin'.  It's that good.

Here's the recipe.

Caramel Corn

8 oz. corn puffs (no kernels)
2 sticks butter
1 C. brown sugar
1/2 C. light corn syrup
1 tsp. baking soda

In a large sauce pan bring butter, brown sugar and syrup to a boil over medium heat.  Keep stirring and boil for 2 minutes.  Add baking soda (will foam) and keep stirring until dissolved.  Pour mixture over puffs and mix together until puffs are coated.  Put on cookie sheet and bake at 250 degrees stirring every 15 minutes.  Remove puffs from the oven.  Separate puffs on wax paper immediately before it cools.

Lets do it together-- shall we?

This right here is the secret ingredient.  You HAVE to have the corn puffs.  It insures that you won't be picking seeds out of your teeth for the next week.

Butter, brown sugar and syrup.... in you go.
melty melty (keep stirring)

boiling for 2 minutes (keep stirring)
add the baking soda and it will fluff up nice and big (like me after four kids)
I put the puffs on a cookie sheet, poured the mixture over the puffs and mixed it in nice and good.  (sorry no pictures for that step-- the phone rang and I couldn't do that many things at once)
These are our puffs after the first 15 minutes.  You need to flip them all.
Here we are after the full 45 minutes.  (three flips later)  Nice and golden crispy-- yum!  I poured them out on wax paper so we won't have a big gooey ball.
Separate them quickly before they cool.  I mean right away OK?  I once tried to press my luck with this step and I ended up with the world's largest popcorn ball.  So stick to the plan and you'll be a happy camper.
Then after they are all separated start sorting through and take out a few of these extra gooey beauties.  (Now this is the most important step so listen up.)  Eat 'um-- quick, before someone starts sniffing out your stash.

There you have it!  Caramel Crack!  Thanks for coming to cook with me today.  That was fun!  Enjoy your new favorite treat!


d.n.williamson said...

We make this ALL THE TIME! YUMMY! LOVE IT! Have you tried adding peanuts or mixed nuts? Wonderful if you are a sweet/salty balance kind of gal.

Mandi said...

I love you for posting this! My aunt makes this every Christmas and I ask for the recipe but somehow don't get it. Thank you!

Macey said...

That bowl looks awfully-sp? familiar!! I better not get my hopes up, or should I?

Cassie said...

I WISH I was home to come over and eat that with you! Kerri always made the best carmel corn ever! I would even be willing to hide in the corner with you until the kids found us! :)

connie said...

I also love carmel corn. I will try this recipe. I have never thought of the corn puffs, but another great love of mine. The two together will be yummy good.

Margene said...

I never thought of using corn puffs instead of pop corn. That gets in my teeth to pick out for weeks. I'll try it next time the kids are coming over. That way someone can help us eat it.

Ashley said...

Yum! Can't wait to try it!
P.S. You are hilarious! Thanks for always making me laugh.

Jennifer said...

Just made some... oh so awesome =)

Jenn said...

I leaped onto your blog today. I love this stuff! I make it often sometimes evening drizzling melted chocolate over it, I digress. Have you tried the caramel bugles? Delicious. I'm thinking of using the caramel recipe and coating bugles instead of puff corn. Crossing my fingers and hoping for success!!

Shannon said...

Hi Leca! Just found you from Mrs. Ohtobe, you are a riot! And this recipe: drool--ing.

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