Friday, August 6, 2010

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

This is how I feel about baths.

To me, there is nothing better than a nice hot bubble bath.  It melts away my stress and does wonders for my skin.  When we built our house my only stipulation was that I would get a big soaking tub.  We had been living in apartments previous to this and trying to squeeze myself into the tiny little tubs we had was a sight to see.  I was pregnant and desperate for a little tub time.  It wasn't pretty.

Now that I have my beloved tub I am in heaven.  My kids feel the same way.  They always beg to take a bath in my room.  I usually cave and let them because I know how great it is.
I needed to give Rugs a haircut and he bargained with me.  If I got to cut his hair, than he got to take a bubble bath in my room.  (extra emphasis on bubble as you can see)  He had loads of fun. 

There is nothing like a bubble bath.


connie said...

Those are really cute pictures. I can see he likes baths. You're a good mom for letting him use your tub.

Cassie said...

Those pictures are great! I LOVE that little face! And he scored a tub all by himself!!! Way to work it Rugs!

Mandi said...

Now I need to check and see what you said about the heelarious dad from Modern Family below this.

Julaine said...

I was never into baths until Jason, he loves them and would take weekly baths when we were first married, I thought it was weird but then he converted me...just a little!

Margene said...

bubble baths are the greatest. I loved the one I had in your tub.

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