Monday, November 8, 2010

Rules to Live By

We're ready to start dinner the other night and I notice that Rugby has an action figure at the table.  He is using it to jump the milk carton and fight things around his dinner plate.  I look at him with my best mom look and I say, "Rugs, what is the number one rule in our family?"

Tim chimes in with, "Never eat yellow snow!"

Breckyn adds, "When you are naked, your first priority is getting dressed!"

Then the list started adding up...

"Always check your shoes for dog poop after you play outside."

"Go potty before we leave anywhere."

"Don't let the dogs out without their collars."

"Close the door when you go outside."

"No hitting."

"No yelling."

"Close your mouth when you eat."

"Put your shoes away."

ah hum...  I was  going for, no toys at the table guys-- but thanks for the list.

Apparently we are no strangers to rules at this house.  LOTS and LOTS of rules.


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

We need to have Breckyn over to our house to teach that to my little guy. He runs away laughing whenever he is naked.
And there may be lots of rules, but they are great rules to live by.

Karen said...

Now you have proof that they know the rules, so no excuse for rule-breaking! My kids always act like they have no idea what the rules at our house are. Stinkers.

Margene said...

My favorite go potty before we go any place, plus all the others. Sounds like there are all kinds of first rules of the house. that is why your kids are well behaved most of the time. I was looking at Rugs face and saw some cute little feckles I love them.

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