Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brain Barf

In an effort to catch up on several posts that have been swimming through my brain, I'm going to do a quick brain barf to bring you up to speed.
This week my parents officially picked up their things and moved to Utah.  Boo Whaa!  Utah is the black hole that keeps sucking in all of my loved ones.  Stupid Utah!

I have been consoling myself with these chocolaty rectangles of goodness.

I'm planning on giving them away as my holiday treats.  Some people spend all day baking.  Not me.  I prefer not to freak people out with the contents of my kitchen.  I figure it's more comforting to get a treat that is sealed properly in a wrapper than something that may or may not have dog hair in it.  I'm a weirdo-- I know.

Oh and yes, I'm officially a psycho dog owner.  I have been Christmas shopping online.  I'm stumped as far as my family members go.  Seriously.  I've got nothing.  So when I hit the wall, I start shopping for dog stuff.  I've found lots of fun stuff for my furry little friends.  My favorite thing is THIS.  I promise this toy is everything you think it is and more.  My dogs are in heaven.  If you don't believe me just watch this...

Big guy and little guy are highly entertained by this amazing invention.  It's a hands-free way to give your dog some exercise.  I'm a big fan of walking my dogs but sometimes they need a little extra something to work their mind and their bodies.  I used it the other night while I made dinner and they were so pooped-- it was awesome.  The laser show has several different pattern settings, speeds and timers to choose from.  It is super sweet and it goes for $35.  The hand held version is $20. 

My hidden talent is finding really great dog stuff.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone or I'll look like a bigger freak than I already appear to be.

I'll be back tomorrow with a few things you'll never believe my kids said.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mandi said...

Did your parents live near you? Sad. I'm sorry! I know what it's like to be all out by my lonesome. (just remember: UT's a "grass is greener" type thing-- you'd move back here and GET BORED like me!)

Margene said...

I love it maybe I will let watch the viedo and he can ask Santa for one. But he jumps around the house without even having anything to jump after.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Amen to the boxed Christmas cookies. There aren't a lot of people I trust enough to eat their baked goods. It sounds mean, but I have a complex about it. Pretty sure it came from our mother.

kristen said...

The Dynamic Duo (B & A)will be really good for Utah. I am sure you are so missing them. They are great!!

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