Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mighty Mouse

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the kitchen and from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something.  A few moments later, I saw it again.  I turned to look at the movement and locked eyes with something small and furry.

Now, I'm not one to get all worked up over a mouse.  I did house a hamster for a time when my kids were in the little pet phase.  So it's basically the same thing to me.  The only difference is, one was invited into my house and one was not.

I quickly called to the Mister who began a long search of the premises to find our intruder.  Nothing was found, but a trap was set.

The next day, the trap was licked clean and the mouse was still on the loose.  So the Mister insisted that everything needed to come out of cupboards and shelves, be inspected, cleaned and baited.  Several hours later the job was done.  Now my pantry had no less than 10 traps in very clever places.

The next morning, the traps were again licked clean and we still did not have our mouse.  To the Mister, this meant serious war and a small blow to his man pride.  He went back to the drawing board and made a plan.

The next night he increased his security and my pantry had about twenty traps including the glue traps that are supposed to be a sure thing.

The next night, the traps were licked clean and there were foot prints in the glue.  By then we were convinced that we were dealing with Jerry (from the Tom and Jerry cartoon).
(see that little hint of crazy in his eyes... scary huh?)

So the Mister takes the traps and mixes peanut butter and Elmer's glue (per a neighbor's suggestion) and lines the traps up in a triple circle with a big prize in the middle.  We go to bed.  At this point, any noise in the night has the Mister out of bed checking his traps.

After several nights of this, we still haven't gotten our friend who by now is putting on some serious weight from the nightly peanut butter supply. 

One night the Mister is out working in the garage on a scout project with our boys.  I come out to see how things are going and I notice that a trap in the garage has caught something.

VICTORY!  (finally)

We do a little happy dance and the Mister sets another trap just in case.  So far we have caught three mice in the garage.  Each one is a sweet victory for the Mister who is now obsessed with a daily trap checking.

Any suggestions?  We (and by we I mean the Mister) are going crazy here!  There are still droppings and mice out there.  He knows because he cleans up after every "catch" and resets the traps.

Curse you little mice!

(although, you are providing me with quite a bit of entertainment)


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

LOL,. Oh, we have mice too and war is being waged! Not very successfully yet I have to say.

Margene said...

Is the war over yet??????????????

Macey said...

Not much advice. If anyone can get it done, it's Tim. We had a similar situation when we moved into our new home in Payson. A new, baby mouse would be found in the washing machine each morning. Turned out they had come in with a box of Ramen we had not yet unpacked. When we opened the box everything looked normal. They had built a nest under the top layer....NASTY!!! Good luck!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Oh girl-- I hate HATE mice. I'm not a screamer, and I'm not a girly girl, but I canNOT stand having rodents around. I hope they all go away. Maybe I should just go get some poison for my garage right now. . .

Kris @ said...

There is a thing you can plug into the wall and it makes a high pitched sound that does not bother pets and it keeps away mice. I was skeptical but it did work. After we plugged it in our kitchen in our townhouse we had no mice for the next 3 years we lived there. I think they sell them at home depot or lowes.

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