Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rated R

Emerson has been full of questions lately.  The other day he is quizzing the Mister about movie ratings.  He wants to know what they mean, how old he has to be to see a PG-13, the whole enchilada.

The Mister is being very patient and answering all of his detailed questions and Em gets stuck on the idea of a rated R movie.

"Why do they have rated R movies?"

The mister explains that it's a rating for mature people.

"What does that mean?  I'm mature."

The Mister says, "Basically rated R means it would have lots of naughty words, violence and naked girls.  That's nothing you want to see."

Em pauses for a few seconds and returns with, "So is our house rated R because we have naked girls around here all the time?!"

That we have no good response to because while this conversation is happening, I'm standing at my sink in my skivvies getting ready for the day and the Mister is in the shower.

Kids have a way of making everything very cut and dry.

So in conclusion, our house has been rated R.  Visitors beware.


Tiffany said...

Kids say the darndest things!

Jodi said...

Em is getting too old! Doesn't he know he shouldn't even be watching anything but Nick Jr. anyway?!! Why is he growing so fast? And finally, did he approve that rated R picture? hmmm?...

Matt and Mandy said...

SO I blog-stalked you after book club, you are hilarious! Please write more, totally made my day :)

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