Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calculators, they are evil

Last week Em brought home a worksheet that was teaching him how to use a calculator.  I wanted to be a fun mom, so I took out my huge calculator and told him he could use it.

I love that thing.  It makes me feel like a powerful business dude crunching numbers or something.  Truth be told, I only really use it for kid homework and measuring for DIY projects.  But still-- I really really like it, a lot.

I figured that getting out the extra special calculator would make things extra fun.  I presented Em with my prized possession and received no major fan fare.  Fine.

We proceeded with the lesson and every time I turned my back he was pushing buttons.  He hit the tax button, the 1/4 button-- basically all the buttons I'm not really sure how to use or reset.  Stupid calculator.

I'm starting to get a little huffy and tell him to stick to the lesson and quit pushing buttons.  He says, "I can't help it!  Then all look so fun!"

I give him a dirty look and start to read him the next problem.  It's 54-27.  He punches it into the calculator and it says 27.  I tell him to do it again.  Same answer.

Now I'm steamed.  I start punching in the numbers and no matter how many times I push = it keeps saying 27!  Damn calculator!

I'm so frustrated by now, I lay into Em about pushing buttons and ruining my favorite calculator blah blah blah...  Everyone else in the kitchen has gone quiet.  I try to regain my composure and go to the drawer and pull out another calculator.

I start to show him the problem 54-27 and the screen again reads 27.  A flash of anger hits me and then I stop dead in my tracks.

54-27 actually is 27.

Um....  ha ha, sorry little buddy.

Perhaps you and Dad should finish this together.  I think I need a break.

I hate calculators.  They think they know everything.


Jodi said...

Bahaaaaahaaaa!!! I am still giggling over this one. I can see myself doing the exact same thing! Thank goodness for giant calculators and for the darling lady who gave them out. I still have my giant paper clips from the same friend. =)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I would have handled this exactly the same way. And I likely would have figured out a way to make it look like my husband's fault! LOL

justsoyouknow said...

One thing is for sure then, calculators aren't good investment haha! i used to think them as superb mathematician. lol

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Sumitesh Kumar said...

seems like you are right.Calculators are a real waste....

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