Monday, December 26, 2011

I'd Hit That...

After moving to our new house in Utah, we received notice that there was a package waiting for us at our old UPS store. 

The Mister called and after several transfers, a little cash and a few hours later, he arranged for the package to be delivered to our new home in Utah.

When it arrived we were both curious about what it could be.  Neither one of us could recall ordering anything before the move.  To our surprise we received this...

(blink blink)

After the initial shock wore off the Mister turned to me and said, "Did you order that?"

Just as shocked as he was, I replied, "Why would I order that?"

It turns out, neither one of us ordered this and neither one of us had even been to the website.  Hmmmm... no one claimed sending it to us.  We didn't have a bill for it.  But now we've got the poster all to ourselves.

What does one do with a tacky poster?

Yeah, we thought it would make a great brother-in-law Christmas gift too.  Merry Christmas!  Let the good times roll man!  I love it!


Margene said...

What a neat suprize to get. Perfect white elephant regift.

Lyndsay said...

Love it!! I expect to see that hanging somewhere in your house next time I come over.

Macey said...

I think it would look great hanging in the Chris Barlow lair....right along side the suspender picture. :)

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