Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning I'm getting the kids dressed for school and Breckyn claims that her pants don't fit.  They fit yesterday but today they are too tight.

How does that work exactly?

I checked, and she was right.... what the?

Kids literally grow over night apparently.

In the boy department we have other issues.  They put on a pair of jeans and it has holes in the right knee.  I make them take off the jeans and to put on ones without holes.  Only to find another pair with a hole in the right knee.  We dig deeper to reveal several more pairs of pants with holes in the right knees and finally come upon one without a hole.  (...and why not the left knee?)

So, do I repair the holes and make it work? 

Do I pretend that it's cool to have holes in your right knee only? 

Do I go out and buy another pair? 

The odds are if I go and buy a new pair next week they will be in a bigger size.  Indecision has plagued me and so my boys are wearing holy jeans for yet another day.

Insanity I tell you, pure insanity.


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Same problem with boys/jeans over here. Didn't Cheri have some awesome fix-it for holy jeans? If she did, I have got to figure it out. I think we are up to 8 pairs that are hardly even worn with holes. Ew.

Kiera said...

I told my son that all the rock stars wear holy jeans...and then he tried to put holes in the 'good' jeans...

Make Me Over said...

Leave the holes :) They'll grow out of the pants soon enough!

Karen said...

We're also afflicted with the holey pants plague. My kids don't really care, but I feel embarassed sending them to school with holes in their clothes. I do it anyway, though.

The Snow Queen said...

It's Poppy at my house with the holes in her pants. If the pants are going to make it another season, ie big enough or new enough then I sew a patch on. If not then I let her wear them with holes for one or two washes then I toss them.

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

if you iron on some iron-on interfacing to the back nice and carefully so that the rip lines up, and then sew back and forth and back and forth in a giant messy zigzag in whatever color the topstitching is, or white if they're lighter jeans, then that will fix the hole and make them look like trendy distressed-on-purpose jeans. I hope that makes sense! I would demonstrate but my husband rips the CROTCH of his jeans, (its not just him, his brothers do it too, it's just from how they're built) and NOBODY is going to buy that he bought some jeans all spiffily distressed in the crotchal-region.

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