Monday, March 14, 2011

Idiot Flyer

I have a tinsy problem.

I embarrass myself on a daily basis.

It's not like I'm trying to do it.  It just happens.  A lot.

I took a trip last week to visit some family.  I was traveling alone (no kids) and so I got a chance to get some reading done and catch up on a few TV shows.  On my lay over I was waiting at the gate and so involved in my entertainment that when they called for volunteers to gate check bags, I went right over.

The lady took my ticket and filled out a gate check really quickly, thankful that I had volunteered.  I boarded the plane and went back to my book.  A few minutes later a family came by and told me that I had taken their seat.  I showed them my ticket to prove that I had the right seat and the mother called over a flight attendant to help us with our "problem." 

I told the attendant that it wasn't a big deal and that I would sit anywhere.  She thanked me and glanced at my ticket revealing that I was on the WRONG flight.  My flight was the next one to Salt Lake, not this flight.

Um, ha ha-- woopsies.

The attendant escorts me to the back of the plane and announces over the loud speaker that everyone in line is going to have to turn around and get off the plane to let a passenger off.  I told her that really wasn't necessary because I could just wait until everyone was boarded and then discreetly sneak off.

No.  That wasn't in the plan.

She announces it again and everyone proceeds to exit the plane so that I can make my walk of shame.

I get off, red faced and explain what happened to my old friend the ticket taker.  She checks the flight and lets me back on the plane to an empty seat.

It was a conversation starter with my fellow passengers, that's for sure.

Don't mind me, I'll just be your flight moron!!!


Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

OMGsh I would die AND kill the flight attendant for the walk of shame! KILL!

How did they not catch that? That is their fault, man! That's their job!

Jen said...

lol! that is is hilarious! im sure it wasn't at the time, but what a great story it made!

connie said...

Great Story!!!!!!!!

The Snow Queen said...

Ha! I'm shocked the flight attendant didn't just put a sign on you!

brookie said...

dear leca, it's been awhile since you've posted, and i could always use a laugh. i know those trips to the "valley" can be rough, but can you come back? you are missed! laughs to you and yours...

cooler said...

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Deborah said...

I love your blog! I check it daily to see if you've posted something new. I know you haven't posted in a while, and it's okay. Life happens to everyone. I don't know how bloggers make the time to do it in the first place. I was just posting to say from all of us readers I hope all is okay with you and yours.

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